Essence of Urban

Cities excite us because of their complexity. The innumerable layers, textures, sounds, smells and distractions keep our senses constantly engaged with our surroundings. The urban fabric is always changing, businesses are coming and going….and so are people. What keeps all of this constant motion and change so thrilling is that, if you blink, you could miss some of the more…READ MORE.


Stop Driving Your Car…Drive Somebody Else's

In the past few months, Denver has gone from simply having car sharing to fully embracing it. In a city once dominated by Subarus, most people are likely having the dizzying zebra stampede effect with blue and white Smart cars. Some very exciting changes have occurred in Denver that have paved the way for car sharing to become more efficient and useful than ever before in the Mile High City…READ MORE.


Go West, Young Man! (and when you do, ride the light rail!)

The West Line is set to open this week and there isn’t one source of local media that has gone without running a story about it. With that said, plenty of naysayers will be ready to point out the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of the light rail without having ever used it. If you ask five friends if they have ever taken light rail in Denver, chances are that maybe two of them will say yes…READ MORE.

Adapting Tired Design

Denver has done an impressive job of breathing new life into otherwise lackluster residential architecture through the use of creative redesign. The best part is that the successful result of this transformation appeals to the age-group in question. While rental rates remain relatively affordable, the neighborhood benefits from having one of its most understated, forgettable structures sculpted into a showpiece…READ MORE.


Denver Parking Lots Continue to Vanish

As 2012 opens with a number of slated large-scale residential projects, we will say goodbye to numerous swaths of desolate concrete.  Where a few dozen cars once spent their day sunbathing, we will soon see several hundred people injecting life into 2785 Speer Boulevard.  Thanks to the vision of developers Allied Reality Group and architects Meeks + Partners, this new project will provide even more housing opportunities within walking distance of Denver’s…READ MORE.


RiNo Rising: Part I

What is the coolest, most unique neighborhood in Denver? If you aren’t thinking RiNo, give it time. You might not agree with me now, but in the next year or two, RiNo will be welcoming some pretty incredible one-of-a-kind projects. While other neighborhoods are building capacity for new residents and businesses, RiNo is making investments and taking risks that will make it stand out against the rest. Due to the number of exciting prospects coming up in the…READ MORE.

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